Congratulations, Dr. Adela Habib!


We heartily congratulate Dr. Adela Habib for successfully defending her thesis titled “Multiscale Dynamics in Complex Materials and Interfaces”.

Abstract: Material response to light irradiation is at the heart of a wide range of emergent technologies that are in the nano- to quantum length scale. These technologies include interference nanolithography, optoelectronics, and spin-based quantum information processing devices. Efficient exploitation of material response is the key to the full realization of these technologies. In the context of these applications, this means investigating the charge, spin, and coupled optical dynamics with kinetic reactions in a photoresist at timescales ranging from femto- to microseconds. To this end, first-principles methods have emerged as powerful tools in simulating the dynamics with the required level of detail in disentangling multiple processes in the microscopic and macroscopic regimes. In this talk, I will present my studies of these dynamics from first-principles with three specific aims: (1) charge carrier (electron and hole) dynamics in plasmonic materials for finding key parameters affecting plasmonic hot carrier device efficiency, (2) spin carrier (electron and hole) dynamics in materials promising for spin-based technologies, and (3) coupled optical dynamics with kinetic reactions in a photoresist to explore parameters for quality nanopatterning.