Positions open!

Multiple positions are open in the group for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars:

  • Undergraduate students: Fall 2016 URP projects open for motivated undergraduate students from materials science, physics and chemistry. Prior exposure to quantum mechanics and/or solid-state physics preferable.

  • Graduate students: Research support available for graduate students from materials science and physics interested in pursuing a computational materials science thesis. Prior experience with electronic structure calculations or molecular dynamics simulations preferable, but not necessary.

  • Postdoctoral scholars: A two-year post doctoral position is open for a talented physics or materials-science PhD with experience in electronic density-functional theory. Comfort with Linux and parallel programming in Python and C++ necessary. This will be an excellent opportunity to develop new DFT and DFT-based methods, apply them towards nanomaterial design, and play a central role in shaping the future direction of the JDFTx software project.

Projects are available in all research areas currently active in the group. See the Research page for a broad overview, and contact me at sundar@rpi.edu for more details on specific projects, if interested.