MTLE-6120: Advanced Electronic Properties of Materials
(Spring 2018)

  • Instructor: Ravishankar Sundararaman (
  • Lectures: Mondays and Thursdays, 12:00 to 1:50 pm
  • Location: MRC 136
  • Office hours: Tuesdays 5-7 pm in MRC 208B
  • Primary text:
    • Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices by S.O. Kasap
  • Background reading (as needed):
    • Introduction to Solid State Physics by C. Kittel
    • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by D.J. Griffiths
    • Introduction to Electrodynamics by D.J. Griffiths
  • Syllabus handout

Lecture slides

  • Introduction
  • Theoretical background
  • Material properties
    • Fermi theory of metals
    • Electron transport: phonons and electron-phonon scattering
    • Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors
    • Insulating materials: dielectrics, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics etc.
    • Magnetism: dia-, para- and ferro-magnetism, hysteresis
    • Superconductivity
    • Optical properties: absorption, emission, luminescence, fluorescence, lasing
    • Two-dimensional materials
    • Electrical and optical properties of polymers
  • Interface properties
    • Metal-vacuum interfaces: thermionic emission
    • Fowler-Nordheim tunneling: field emission
    • Metal-metal junctions: Seebeck effect, thermocouples, Peltier effect
    • Metal-semiconductor Schottky junctions; Fermi level pinning
    • Semiconductor p-n junction diodes
    • Light-emitting diodes, photodetectors and semiconductor lasers
  • Technological applications
    • Semiconductor transistors for logic and memory
    • Magnetic storage devices: giant magnetoresistance
    • Solid-liquid interfaces: photocatalysis, supercapacitors

Homework assignments